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Feature tracking health

Dashboards always come with a trust issue: Can you trust the metrics? Is the tracking still working? To address this issue, the Bucket feature report now includes tracking health indicators to help ensure that the data is still coming through and that the report is based on the most recent data.

Make Bucket your own with custom logo

You can now customize your organization with your own logo.

Get a weekly Focus report per Feature View

We’ve recently released Focus Mode and Feature Views. Today, we’ve fully integrated the two which enables you to set up Focus Slack reports per Feature View!

Welcome Alex Reid

I’m thrilled to welcome Alex Reid to Bucket.

Organize features with Views

Large accounts quickly track a lot of features, which means a growing need to get those features organized. A common way to group features is by product team or by product area.

New sidebar and lots of UI polish

We’ve just updated our UI with a brand new sidebar, and a bunch of general UI polish to ensure the app stays clean and keeps focus on the content.

Introducing Focus Mode

Focus Mode enables product teams to keep an eye on the features that need attention the most - often newly released features - by pinning those in the UI and reporting their metrics to Slack, every Monday.

Support for event attribute filtering on funnel steps

If your feature has an onboarding funnel, you can now filter on event attributes when creating funnel steps.