Introducing feature flags for B2B

We’ve launched feature flags on Bucket. It’s built for B2B and tightly integrated with Releases.

Adding a global feedback page

We’ve made it simpler to review feedback on all your features in one place with the global feedback page.

Introducing behavioral segments

Now, you can create company-based segments by STARS state, usage frequency, customer satisfaction, event counts, and first or last usage date.

Improving goals

We’ve made it easier to stay on top of your feature releases’ goal progression. Now, you can get more details of goal progression directly in Releases and more.

Visualize feature satisfaction over time

We’ve made it simple to visualize overall feature satisfaction over time for companies in any STARS state. The visualization gives you a simple way to ensure you’re making iterations that improve feature satisfaction scores.

Cleaning up the sidebar

We’ve added new core functionalities to Bucket: Releases and feature flags. With the release of these new features, we’ve cleaned up the sidebar.

Search for companies and features

You can now search by company or feature name to find key customers and see how they’re using your features.

Persisting columns for feature views and segments

Now, you can (finally) save your customized feature view and segment tables so they are there waiting for you on your next login.

Implement Bucket without engineering resources

We’ve made it even easier to get Bucket up and running without involving the engineering team with the new Bucket Tracking SDK on Segment. Setting up browser tracking can be done in as little as three steps. 

Introducing Releases: Tracking feature releases from idea through iteration

We’ve released our most impactful feature yet: Releases. Releases lets you monitor feature engagement and satisfaction goal progression for each release in real-time from ideation to iteration.