Search for companies and features

You can now search by company or feature name to find key customers and see how they’re using your features.

Persisting columns for feature views and segments

Now, you can (finally) save your customized feature view and segment tables so they are there waiting for you on your next login.

Implement Bucket without engineering resources

We’ve made it even easier to get Bucket up and running without involving the engineering team with the new Bucket Tracking SDK on Segment. Setting up browser tracking can be done in as little as three steps. 

Introducing Releases: Tracking feature releases from idea through iteration

We’ve released our most impactful feature yet: Releases. Releases lets you monitor feature engagement and satisfaction goal progression for each release in real-time from ideation to iteration.

Grouping features with hierarchies

We’re introducing feature hierarchies to make managing features in Bucket more intuitive! You can create parent features that encompass all sub-features by simply dragging and dropping.

Track multiple events in a feature

Previously, each feature on Bucket was tied to a single event, limiting its adaptability. We’ve introduced a significant change that lets you associate multiple events with a single feature.

Bucket data is now hosted in the EU

We’re excited to announce that we have migrated all our servers to locations within the European Union (EU), taking our commitment to privacy and security even further.

Adding frequency-based strategy capabilities to the STARS configuration

We’ve just made the STARS configuration more customizable by adding frequency-based strategy capabilities. This lets you factor in the frequency of interactions for the Adopted criteria.

Feature and attribute columns in segments

Segments allow you to group companies by login activity and custom attributes. This is useful for making a segment of monthly active companies or paying customers, for example. However, when browsing a segment, it isn’t possible to add columns that also show feature engagement or satisfaction. Until now!

Surfacing churned companies better

Bucket is built on the STARS framework and gives you a STARS funnel out of the box, for any feature. Provided with a single event, the STARS funnel shows you how far your customers have reached in the “feature success funnel” for a feature.