Changelog: Toggle “Stopped”-metrics in your feature report

This week, we’re adding to last week’s release, which focused on making the feature adoption criteria configurable. Today, we’ve added another configuration, which allows you to toggle the “Stopped”-metrics on or off in your report.

Changelog: Custom feature adoption criteria

One of the most powerful features on Bucket, is the pre-defined adoption states. Out of the box, Bucket buckets (see what we did there?) companies into the following states based on their historic feature usage pattern. Until today, those state definitions were hard-coded.

Changelog: Partial data marker and new daily Slack report

Our charts now show a partial data marker when looking at the current week’s incomplete data set, and we've added a daily digest to our Slack integration that lets you track new feature adoption.

Changelog: Introducing delta movements

When looking at adoption of a feature, you might wonder: Is this feature not growing in usage because no new users are trying it or because existing users churn away? Or both? With delta movements, now you know!
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Announcing Bucket 2.0 and our $2m pre-seed round

10 months ago, I released Bucket 1.0, which I was bootstrapping at the time. I got a handful of early customers (<3), but it quickly became obvious that my (somewhat dubious) code wouldn’t be able to handle the load and that Bucket had to mature in order to serve its customers going forward.
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Why feature evaluation is broken

Building and shipping features is hard. Getting customers to use them is even harder. Bucket empowers software teams with a repeatable approach to shipping features that customers crave.

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New domain

We’ve just moved to our new domain! 🥳 From now on, you can find us at, on Twitter @bucketdotco, and on email at