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Welcome Alex

I’m stoked to welcome Alex to Bucket as Principal Backend Engineer!

Welcome Matúš Vacula

I’m delighted to welcome Matúš Vacula to Bucket as Principal Backend Engineer!

Welcome Erik Hughes

I’m thrilled to announce that Erik Hughes has joined Bucket as a Full Stack engineer!

Introducing qualitative feedback

Our mission is to empower product teams to deliver impactful features that delight and retain customers. Today, we’ve added a major addition to our service that brings us closer to our mission: Introducing in-app qualitative feedback!

Introducing the feature evaluation workflow

Todo -> Doing -> Done. But what happens when a feature is marked as Done? It’s deployed and live with the customers. That’s undoubtedly the most crucial time in the feature cycle, and that’s exactly where existing tools and workflows stop today. It’s nuts!

Introducing Planned features

Adding tracking to a feature release is often an afterthought or forgotten altogether. Many engineers have received a DM from a PM around the time of feature release saying something frantic like: “did you remember to add tracking? we need to track this feature!”

Reach out to users of specific features

If you’re detecting high churn or low activation on a key feature, you want to reach out to the relevant accounts for feedback, and learn how you might improve the feature.

Introducing Segments

We’ve just shipped a highly requested feature: Saved segments. This feature allows you to group companies into reusable segments, which you can apply to any feature report. You group companies by company attributes.