1. Why feature evaluation is broken

    Modern companies are software companies. They need to constantly innovate and improve their digital products to stay relevant. Improve or die, to be dramatic. However, features are still celebrated at release time and released without scheduled follow-ups and clear ownership.

  2. New domain

    We’ve just moved to our new domain!

  3. Join our small team

    We’re looking for Senior Full Stack TypeScript Engineers to help us build Bucket. If working with a small, A+ team on a brand new product, that scratches your own itch, this might be for you.

  4. Maturing

    It’s been about six months since Bucket 1.0 was released. Back then, I was a solo founder trying to work my way towards a Minimum Viable Product, and my first customers.

  5. Welcome Lasse Boisen Andersen to Bucket

    I’m thrilled to announce that Lasse Boisen Andersen has joined Bucket! Lasse is incredibly gifted and seems to roam effortlessly between TypeScript development, UX/UI design and product management. We’ve been fans of Lasse for a long time and we can’t wait to finally work together.

  6. Ron Cohen has joined Bucket as Co-founder and CTO

    Nearly 10 years after co-founding Opbeat together, we’re back at it again! I’m super happy to announce that my friend Ron Cohen has joined Bucket as Co-founder and CTO!

  7. Meet the new Bucket logo

    Until today, this was the Bucket logo. I randomly found it on Flaticon, and it has served us very well - but now it’s time for Bucket to get its own logo...

  8. Bucket 1.0

    They say that if you’re not embarrassed about the initial release of your product, you’ve released it too late. The first version of Bucket was released on Feb 17, 2021. It was decent and its direction was the right one, but so much has happened since then.