We’re adding feature flags to Bucket. Learn more and sign up for the private beta
We're adding      feature flags to Bucket, join the private beta

Feature rollouts that end with satisfied customers

Bucket is B2B feature flagging with a built-in feedback loop that lets you roll out features based on customer satisfaction.

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Get rapid customer feedback on
product updates

Successful feature roll outs don’t stop at technical performance, but at customer satisfaction. Bucket automatically collects leading indicators to let you catch issues faster.

Automated qualitative and quantitative leading indicators

Get actionable leading indicators for feature launches, enabling you to act on customer dissatisfaction faster.


Track feature adoption and engagement with ease

Get consistent company-level adoption and engagement metrics for any feature

Segment integration gets you up and running in 3 steps


Talk to the right customers at the right time, automatically

Collect satisfaction scores and qualitative feedback from the right customers at the right time.

Feedback gives you the why behind satisfaction metrics.

The STARS framework

Powerful feature success metrics, 
right out of the box

Metrics designed for B2B features: Awareness, Engagement, Retention, and Churn
Target key segments for your features and filter usage based on feature flags
Consistent, turn-key engagement metrics for every feature
Flexible adoption and retention logic, with zero configuration required
The great thing about STARS and Bucket is that it’s a super easy framework to adopt company-wide that will give us the ammunition to defend the position that focusing on the right features will move the needle.

Nicolai Dahl, CPO

Goal-driven feature iteration workflows     

Confidently roll out product updates with a ready-to-use workflow built for feature flagging and iteration.

Roll out your feature with feature flags

Set goals and track progress

Collect satisfaction scores

Confidently release to all customers

Set goals and track progress

Confidently release to all customers

Powerful feature success metrics, 
right out of the box

These days, it can feel like product teams are clocking in at a feature factory. A conveyor belt optimized for output.

Tools and automation have emerged to help product teams take features from design to deployment faster than ever. Or to “Done”, as issue trackers call it.

But features aren’t done when they’re deployed. That’s when customers see them for the first time. It’s the most important time in a feature’s lifecycle but it’s also when product teams drop attention.

See why other product and engineering leaders      Bucket

“The way Bucket is enabling consistent and automated evaluation is a boon for modern product teams.”

Justin Gallagher

Head of Product @ Trello

“Bucket is building an easy way to create feature ownership, shared language, and transparency in your product team.”

Andreas Klinger

CTO @ On Deck

“Bucket enables our product teams to increase customer satisfaction and retention by acting faster on low feature engagement and customer dissatisfaction.”

Robert H.

Product Owner @ Billetto

“Would recommend all product teams working in SaaS to use @bucketdotco to measure and iterate on their feature development!”

Joshua Karjala

CTO @ Founders

“I can hire a new PM and just require that they track features with Bucket because I know they’ll understand it instantly.”

Nicolai Dahl

VP of Product @ Famly

“Getting the relevant feature data to chase you, and not the other way around, is changing how we evaluate features, effortlessly. This is where Bucket gets it right.”
profile photo of Paul Dariye

Paul Dariye

Engineer @ Pleo

“With Bucket’s feature evaluation, everyone on the product team optimizes for customer impact, consistently.”

Niels Tindbæk

Head of Product @ Segment

Secure and compliant with no PII required

Bucket works without any Personal Identifiable Information (PII), so it’s easy to get started.

You can be confident that your customers’ personal information stays personal with our secure infrastructure running on industry-standard systems and EU-based servers.

Our commitment to security

Get Bucket set up in as little as 3 steps

  1. Set up the Bucket destination in Segment
  2. Copy your tracking key
  3. Enable the destination
See implementation guide