Automatic data export for custom analysis

With the automatic data export to S3 you can now seamlessly enrich your data with Bucket’s data to unlock insights and enable collaboration across teams.

Easily track response rates for Live Satisfaction

With the new statistics in the Feedback tab you can get a quick visual overview over the performance of your feedback collection over the past 7 days.

Configure and customize table columns

You can now add, remove and reorder table columns across the Bucket app.

Introducing Live Satisfaction

Harness the power of qualitative feedback right from within Bucket.

Introducing Subsegmentation

We've rolled out Subsegmentation to enable comparisons of feature adoption, retention, and satisfaction across different customer segments.

Introducing Data Export

We’ve added the option to export your Bucket data as a CSV file.

Inspect event attributes and see related features

We’ve just made it easier to debug event data and to turn any event into a Bucket feature.

Analyzing feature usage and satisfaction at the company-level

We’ve just shipped an update to the company view that enables you to view feature engagement and satisfaction through the lens of a single company account.

Sorting the features table

It’s now possible to sort the feature views by column. This enables you to quickly get a list of features with the highest retention, the lowest satisfaction, most frequency of use or latest release date.

Introducing the Audit Matrix

Using the STARS framework on Bucket, you can quickly establish a consistent baseline for customer engagement and satisfaction of any feature. But how does one feature compare to other key features in your product? And how do those comparisons change over time? Answering those critical questions has just gotten a whole lot easier as we’re introducing the Bucket Audit Matrix!