Welcome Alex

I’m stoked to welcome Alex to Bucket as Principal Backend Engineer!

Welcome Matúš Vacula

I’m delighted to welcome Matúš Vacula to Bucket as Principal Backend Engineer!

Welcome Erik Hughes

I’m thrilled to announce that Erik Hughes has joined Bucket as a Full Stack engineer!

Welcome Alex Reid

I’m thrilled to welcome Alex Reid to Bucket.

Putting "review and iterate" back in agile development

In the SaaS industry, we’ve largely adopted agile development as our preferred methodology for releasing software. Scoping down and time-boxing features ensures that product teams release often and don’t waste months on a grand feature that ultimately doesn’t work.

Welcome Peter Müller to Bucket

I’m very pleased to announce that Peter Müller has joined Bucket!

When to track features with events or attributes

A feature can be anything in your product, big and small. It can be user facing, like a key interaction in the UI, a minor preference-toggle or even a background job. Features are different and have varying usage patterns.

Announcing Bucket 2.0 and our $2m pre-seed round

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10 months ago, I released Bucket 1.0, which I was bootstrapping at the time. I got a handful of early customers (<3), but it quickly became obvious that my (somewhat dubious) code wouldn’t be able to handle the load and that Bucket had to mature in order to serve its customers going forward.

Why feature evaluation is broken

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Building and shipping features is hard. Getting customers to use them is even harder. Bucket empowers software teams with a repeatable approach to shipping features that customers crave.

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