Introducing customer-centric feature management

TL;DR: We’ve added feature flags to give B2B product teams a better way to release features - from gradual rollout to customer satisfaction. Check it out.

Modern product teams in B2B businesses are customer-centric. Engineers aren’t just coding predefined tasks. They’re product engineers who also spend time understanding customer needs and pains, and then come up with solutions. 

Similarly, designers don’t only polish pixels. They’re product designers who solve customer problems.

Historically, product managers were responsible for customer interaction, pinpointing problems, drafting solutions, and evaluating product releases.

There are two problems with the legacy product teams:

  1. Engineers and designers are great problem solvers but are under-utilized if they’re only coding and pushing pixels.
  2. Product managers become a bottleneck and, often, feature evaluation and iteration doesn’t happen.

If you mix these problems, you end up with rushed features without any follow-through. Very few features are a hit in their first iteration. This hurts product adoption and customer satisfaction. It also decreases R&D productivity as you want R&D to focus on customer pains, not backlog items.

Feature flags that end with satisfied customers

Our mission is to empower product teams to release better features, faster. We do this with a workflow for weeks 0-12 in any feature release cycle. 

Here’s Bucket in three steps:

  1. Rollout — Feature flagging that’s designed for B2B (with unlimited seats)
  2. Evaluate — Automated customer feedback on feature rollouts, straight to the product team via Slack (saves five hours on evaluation per release)
  3. Iterate — Use the customer feedback to address feature issues and iterate to customer satisfaction, quickly.

See how it works

Learn more on the brand-new and try customer-centric feature flags for B2B today!