Introducing Live Satisfaction

We are introducing Live Satisfaction – a no-code approach to collect qualitative user feedback for your features right from within Bucket. This makes Bucket your one stop shop for both quantitative product insights and qualitative user feedback on a feature level. Every feedback and satisfaction rating flows directly into the “Satisfied” metric in Bucket – which you can explore in the feature report. This will help you understand whether customers are satisfied with a feature in general.

How it works

Gathering insightful feedback is pivotal for steering your product in the right direction and to evaluate what your users think of a specific feature. And gathering the right feedback at the right time is just as important.

Watch the video below to see how you can easily start collecting feedback for your features from your users, right within Bucket:

The importance of qualitative user feedback

Feedback from your actual users is a rich source of insights that provides a deeper understanding of how your users think about your product.

While quantitative data is excellent for measuring metrics and identifying trends, qualitative data, for example the written feedback provided by your users, uncovers the “why” behind those numbers and helps to understand the motivations of your users, their frustrations, and overall sentiment – painting a complete picture of how your features are performing and perceived.

Bucket enabled us to start collecting qualitative user feedback, which plays a critical role in how we evaluate features.

Robert H., Product Owner @ Billetto

Today, most product teams either use different tools to gather qualitative user feedback, only collect company-wide NPS or don’t collect any user feedback on a feature level.

Getting started is easy

To get started, head over to the Bucket app, select the feature you would like to start collecting feedback on, go to Settings and click on “Enable Live Satisfaction”.

That’s it! You’re now collecting satisfaction - live!

In its default state, the feedback widget collects a simple customer satisfaction score and also gives the user the option to leave a comment. Please note that this widget will be hovering on the bottom right of your app.

You can now:

  • Define the question you would like to ask your users.
  • Define the minimum interactions before a user gets asked for feedback. This is useful if you want to collect feedback from users at different stages of the STARS funnel.
  • Set the minimum and maximum time (in seconds) after an interaction for the feedback widget to be shown.

To learn more, head over to our documentation here.

Fully customizable

As product builders ourselves, we understand you want to have maximum control over the experience in your application. And to enable you to make collecting feedback in line with your design and user interaction guidelines, the behaviour, language, as well as the design of the feedback widget, are fully customizable via CSS.

To check out what and how to customize your feedback widget, go check out our documentation here or head over to GitHub for the full developer documentation.

Make feedback collection a part of your workflow with Bucket

Live Satisfaction is a major addition to Bucket's repeatable feature evaluation workflow:

Launching and evaluating features

Bucket is built upon the STARS framework, a funnel that, at its core, lets you understand the engagement and satisfaction of users for all your features. It measures feature satisfaction and enables you to evaluate feature performance consistently and for every feature you launch.

Compare and audit feature performance

All your features that are launched through Bucket are evaluated on a consistent framework, making it possible to analyse and compare feature performance. Use the Audit Matrix and Subsegmentation to compare feature adoption, retention, and satisfaction across different customer segments.

Measure customer satisfaction per feature

After you launch a feature or identify one that needs further investigation, it is easy to start collecting feature-specific user feedback with Live Satisfaction. All the collected feedback is seamlessly integrated into the Feature Report.

Integrate enriched Bucket data to make informed product decisions

Bucket is designed from the ground up to give Product teams fast & actionable insights. With our recently launched Data Export you can go one step further and easily integrate Bucket-enriched data into your own workflows, data warehouses or use it to strengthen cross-team collaboration by making it accessible to other teams, for example Customer Success.

Let’s recap

  • You can now use Bucket to collect qualitative feedback from your users for specific features.
  • To get started, head over to the settings for the feature you’d like to start collecting feedback for, enable Live Satisfaction and set a question.
  • Both the design and behaviour of the feedback widget are fully customizable, making sure you are aligned with your design and UI Guidelines and allowing you to implement feedback collection seamlessly into your product.

To learn more about enabling, customizing and deploying your first feedback widget, head over to our documentation here or check out the full GitHub documentation here.

Get started with Bucket in minutes

Bucket connects to your product via Segment and through our API, so getting started is easy. Empower your product team and unlock feature value by combining product analytics and qualitative feedback – all in one place.

Having everything we need to make product decisions in one tool is a big time-saver for us.

Robert H., Product Owner @ Billetto

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