Implement Bucket without engineering resources

We’ve made it even easier to get Bucket up and running without involving the engineering team with the new Bucket Tracking SDK on Segment. Setting up browser tracking can be done in as little as three steps. 

Getting started is simple: 

  1. Set up the Bucket Web (Actions) destination, which loads the Bucket Tracking SDK, in Segment to receive data from your product. 
  2. Copy your tracking key from the Bucket tracking page and add it to the "Tracking Key"  field in the Segment.
  3. Enable the destination. That’s it, just wait for the data to start flowing. 

You’ll have Live Satisfaction enabled for immediate customer feedback with no additional implementation and you’ll automatically be kept up-to-date with the latest version of the Bucket Tracking SDK.

Everything you track with Segment will be tracked in Bucket. You can even change mappings directly in Segment without engineering help. Here’s an example of setting up page tracking as a Bucket event.

It’s also possible to implement configuration overrides, like translations or theming for Live Satisfaction popups, but you’ll need to have your engineering team reach out to us for support.

We’re continuing to work on making Bucket more powerful and easier to implement so you can keep building features that drive business impact. 

Happy shipping!