Easily track response rates for Live Satisfaction

Live Satisfaction enables you to automatically ask your users for feedback after they used a new feature. It’s easy to set up and an effective way to gather insightful user feedback for a specific feature.

With the new statistics module you can easily track the response rates and make sure that the automation you created is running smoothly.

For every feature that has Live Satisfaction enabled, you get a quick visual overview of how many users were asked, how many responded and how many dismissed the feedback widget in the past 7 days. It looks like this:

You can find the new statistics in the feedback tab for every feature that has Live Satisfaction enabled. If you have not enabled Live Satisfaction for that specific feature, you'll see instructions on how you can enable it.

Use Cases

In addition to checking the general health and response rates for your Live Satisfaction automations, you can also use the response rates to identify and quickly react to different scenarios. For example:

Use the subsegmentation feature to check response rates for different segments of your users, highlighting not only how different customers respond to the feedback prompt, but also how likely they are to provide feedback overall.

You can then dive deeper into the actual provided feedback from different user segments (e.g. power users vs. new customers) to help you make informed decisions about future product iterations.

Iterate on when to ask for feedback

Another scenario: Let’s say you are asking your users for feedback after they tried your newly released feature for the first time, but most of the feedback prompts are getting dismissed – this might indicate that users haven’t formed an opinion yet or that you are asking at the wrong time.

You can quickly go into the settings of the feature and change when you want to ask users for feedback – for example by increasing the number of required interactions, users now have to try a feature for multiple times before getting asked for feedback.

Finetune timings

Alternatively, if the statistics show a high rate of ignored feedback requests for a particular feature, it could indicate that the timing of the feedback prompt is not ideal.

Since the feedback widget is fully customizable, you can not only adjust the required amount of interactions, but also the timings of the feedback widget.

More updates soon!