It’s been about six months since Bucket 1.0 was released. Back then, I was a solo founder trying to work my way towards a Minimum Viable Product, and my first customers. I did get customers, but, soon after launching, I found myself knee-deep in operations and maintenance.  Bucket was suddenly receiving millions of events per day and the application was struggling to keep up with the load. I managed to fix the bottlenecks, but I didn’t have any time for new features or marketing efforts - and new issues kept bubbling up.

Scaling issues are good problems to have, but given the data-heavy nature of Bucket, they happened way sooner than expected. Something had to happen!

Enter the professionals

In the past weeks, Ron Cohen and Lasse Boisen Andersen have joined Bucket. With their expertise and experience, we now have an awesome full-stack team that can truly fire on all cylinders. We’ve all lived the problem that Bucket is solving and we have a pretty clear path to making Bucket the best possible solution for validating feature success.

We’ve discussed the technology choices and collaborated on the wireframes of what the product would look like, if we redesigned it today based on learnings from early customers. It wouldn’t be miles off today’s product, actually, but some key features and key scaling improvements would be very difficult to make in its current form. Therefore, it quickly became obvious that the fastest way to build a mature Bucket product - end to end - is to rewrite it.

Bucket 2.0

We’ve begun building the next version of Bucket from the ground up. We’ve been working on the wireframes and tech decisions that will guide this rewrite, and we’re starting to feel pretty good about it all. Obviously, things will change along the way, but likely nothing too fundamental.

Bucket 2.0 wireframes

We’re already making good progress and we can’t wait to share more details. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates and sneak peeks. In the meantime, Bucket will, of course, continue to function and we’ll automatically migrate existing accounts upon the Bucket 2.0 launch.

Finally, huge thanks to existing customers and users for the feedback so far. We think you’ll love what’s coming next! :)

We’re hiring TypeScript engineers. If you want to build Bucket with us, please get in touch.