Welcome Lasse Boisen Andersen to Bucket

by Rasmus Makwarth

I’m thrilled to announce that Lasse Boisen Andersen has joined Bucket!

Lasse is incredibly gifted and seems to roam effortlessly between TypeScript development, UX/UI design and product management. We’ve been fans of Lasse for a long time and we can’t wait to finally work together.

Prior to joining Bucket, Lasse was the Head of Product at Offerta and Lead Frontend Developer and Designer at Timekit. I never had a good reason to use Timekit, but I always wanted to use the product as it seemed so well-designed. Now Bucket is getting that same ooze of quality 😍  

In his spare time, Lasse likes to spend time with his two daughters and occasionally goes rock climbing when the weather allows for it. Lasse is a Dane based in Stockholm.

Welcome, Lasse!