Consistent feature evaluation with STARS framework

Focus on building great features and talking to customers - not on custom metric definitions and custom dashboards.

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Funnel steps

The STARS framework is a consistent way of measuring feature engagement and satisfaction. Here’s the purpose of each step:



Make sure you segment your customers down to the relevant audience for the feature. For example, some features are only available to customers or to trial accounts.



This step indicates feature awareness.
How many accounts have interacted with the feature at least once?



This is the activation step for the feature. How many companies got beyond trying the feature and really adopted it by using it more than X times?



The retention step is activated accounts that got beyond the Adopted step and are still using the feature after X weeks.



This is the holy grail. Accounts reaching this step are both retained and also happily using the feature based on their CSAT rating.

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The STARS framework is open source and is part of the foundation that Bucket is built upon. Dive deeper here:

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