Gather qualitative insights for new releases

Go beyond the engagement metrics with qualitative feedback and satisfaction scoring to answer the “why” behind the numbers.

Make feedback collection a part of your workflow with Bucket

Enable Live Satisfaction for new features and start collecting qualitative user feedback on the feature level, simply by hitting a switch.

Automate feedback collection with Live Satisfaction

Once enabled, Live Satisfaction will automatically prompt users for feedback with a question of your choice after they interacted with a feature – no developer required.
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Enabling Live Satisfaction and the feedback widget

Measure feature satisfaction with CSAT

Make the feature satisfaction measurable with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scoring. Identify and reach out to customers that have indicated dissatisfaction.
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Augment feedback with engagement data

Put data into context: Understand if feedback is coming from a first-time user or a long-time enterprise customer with augmented feature engagement states.
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Launch features with confidence.
Get feature insights instantly.

Delight and retain customers by repeatedly shipping impactful features with Bucket’s all-in-one solution for product teams.

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