Consistently evaluate features with the STARS funnel

How many have tried it?

You’ve launched a new features, but has anyone tried it yet?

How many have adopted it?

Did customers just try it once or did they become active users of the feature?

Who’s retained?

After activation, how many came back to the feature week after week?

Who’s retained and satisfied?

For the retained customers, how many are actually happy with it, too?
Customer satisfaction

Release and start the evaluation timer

Features have a configurable evaluation window. Once a feature is released, Bucket will monitor it closely for 4 weeks and report on the results.
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Keep track of releases with the Slack digest

Get the latest adoption and retention metrics on Slack every Monday with the weekly digest report.
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Track how often companies use features

Use frequency chart to understand if companies use a feature Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
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Filter down with advanced segmentation

Set a target audience for features. Some features are only accessible to customers or to trial accounts.
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Get started in minutes

You can track events on Bucket using Events or Company attributes.

Events are great for tracking frequency of use like “how many accounts have pinned cards more than 5 times?”

Attributes are great for tracking workspace-level features, like “how many accounts have integrated with Slack?”
See developer docs

Launch features with confidence.
Get feature insights instantly.

Delight and retain customers by repeatedly shipping impactful features with Bucket’s all-in-one solution for product teams.

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