Analyze feature engagement at the customer level

Bucket augments each account with their current engagement state per feature and helps you to understand how different customer segments use your product.

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Live feature state per company

Bucket rolls ups feature engagement per company into a feature state, so you can quickly see where in the funnel a company is with regards to a certain feature.
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Follow up with accounts at the right time

Do you want to new adopters of a feature? There’s a list for that!Do you want to talk to recent churners? There’s a list for that!
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Full company engagement view

Drill down and see exactly which features a given company is using, and how often.
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Not all customers are the same

Use advanced filters to create and save your own customer segments. For example, create custom segments to represent your pricing plans or customers from specific regions.
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Export customer-level data

Export your complete feature usage data as a CSV and use it in your CRM, data warehouse or play around with it in Excel.
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A screenshot of the data export rendered in Excel for further analysis

Get started in minutes

You can track events on Bucket using Events or Company attributes.

Events are great for tracking frequency of use like “how many accounts have pinned cards more than 5 times?”

Attributes are great for tracking workspace-level features, like “how many accounts have integrated with Slack?”
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Launch features with confidence.
Get feature insights instantly.

Delight and retain customers by repeatedly shipping impactful features with Bucket’s all-in-one solution for product teams.

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