Toggle “Stopped”-metrics in your feature report

This week, we’re adding to last week’s release, which focused on making the feature adoption criteria configurable. Today, we’ve added another configuration, which allows you to toggle the “Stopped”-metrics on or off in your report.

Feature awareness and retention

When you’ve just shipped a feature, you’re focused on feature awareness. Do users even know this feature exists, and how many have tried it?

Once users have found and tried the feature (hopefully!), you become more focused on feature retention. How many users keep using this feature after trying it out?

With our latest feature report configuration, you can now make a report based on your current focus. See below what it looks like in action.

Example: Evaluating a new chat message feature

You have a chat system where your users can send messages to each other. You have a hypothesis that when a user has sent more than 7 messages, they’re hooked and a lot more prone to keep using the product.

This feature is frequent in nature, but to begin with you don’t really care about the recurring use aspect - you just want as many users to 7+ chat messages as possible:

Here’s what that report looks like:

The users in “Tried it” have sent some chat messages, but less than 7. The users in “Using it” have sent more than 7 chat messages and are therefore counted as actively using this feature.

87% of your users have passed the “tried it”-threshold, and are using the chat feature. That’s great!

Now you get curious about feature retention. Do the 87% keep using the chat system after their first 7 messages or not?

Flip a toggle to turn on the retention metrics and get the answer:

Here’s the updated report:

The users in “Stopped” were in “Using it” previously, but now haven’t used the feature for 2+ weeks.

Yikes! There’s red bars every week! 40% haven’t used the chat feature 2 weeks after becoming active users of the feature. This feature needs another iteration to make it stick…

More updates next week :)