Surfacing churned companies better

Bucket is built on the STARS framework and gives you a STARS funnel out of the box, for any feature.

Provided with just a single event, the STARS funnel shows you how far your customers have reached in the “feature success funnel” for the given feature.

Should companies in Retained later churn, they regress one step. Similarly, if Satisfied companies become dissatisfied, they’ll also regress one step.

While the STARS funnel is great for showing where companies are right now, in the context of a feature, the historic movements - like churned companies - weren’t obvious to find on Bucket.

So, we wanted to improve on that!

To do so, we’ve added STARS states, which take historical STARS movements into account and allow you to filter by them in the UI and in exported data.

The STARS states are:

  • Never
  • Tried
  • Retained
  • Churned

More updates next week! 🚀