Reach out to users of specific features

If you’re detecting high churn or low activation on a key feature, you want to reach out to the relevant accounts for feedback, and learn how you might improve the feature.

We’ve now made this workflow easier on Bucket.

When you dive into an account, you can now filter by feature usage and see a list of users that have interacted with the respective feature. The users are sorted by feature interaction, so you can quickly pick the most relevant user to ask for feedback. From there, click to send the user an email.

Here’s what it looks like:

Make sure to send the reserved "name" and "email" user attributes when tracking users to see the name and email link in the Bucket interface. For example:

bucket.user(“<userId>”, {
  name: “John Doe”,
  email: “”

To see all users of a company, remove any feature filter in the top right when looking at the company page.

More updates soon.