Onboarding funnels for attribute-based features

Last week we shipped the ability to create a feature onboarding funnel which tracks the steps people go through before moving into the “Tried it” state.

In Bucket you can track features based on events that your users trigger but you can also track feature usage through attributes set on companies. Imagine having built a Slack integration for your application. It’s convenient to track who has set up the integration using an attribute "has_slack_enabled=true" which you set on the account.

However, enabling the slack integration is a multi-step process. Users must authenticate with Slack, decide which kind of updates they want to receive in Slack, pick a Slack channel to receive the updates, etc.. Finally when the user has gone through the setup process, your application will update the attribute on their account to indicate the Slack integration is now enabled for this account. 

This week we extended the functionality we shipped last week to work for features that track feature-usage using attributes - in addition to features that use events to track usage.

The way it works is that to be counted in the last step of the funnel, a company must have performed all the previous steps in order and then the company attributes must be updated to fulfill the Adoption criteria as it’s defined for the given feature. In the case of our example, the company must have first sent the “Authenticated” event, then the “Channel selected” event and then finally the company attributes must have been updated such that "has_slack_enabled=true".

Happy shipping!