Introducing Releases: Tracking feature releases from idea through iteration

Today, we’ve released our most impactful feature yet: Releases. Releases lets you monitor feature engagement and satisfaction goal progression for each release in real-time from ideation to iteration.  

Releases combines goal setting, the STARS framework, and automation to give you the feature insights you need to address issues and increase adoption and satisfaction, automatically.

Goal setting lets you establish clear objectives and performance expectations for key releases. STARS makes it simple to set goals, for example, reach 50% in Adopted and receive high customer satisfaction for a new feature. Since features are tied to segments, you can decide if the goal applies to all accounts or only to customers on a specific pricing plan.

And, if you’re unsure what goal to set, you can go step by step with one of the templates. Start with smaller objectives and adjust as time goes on. For example, focus on reaching 25 companies in Adopted and collect 15 qualitative feedback responses with Live Satisfaction to get some initial feedback then bump up your goal once you reach it.

We’ve also integrated Releases with Slack to make your release evaluation insights chase you. Goal tracking and feature reporting data are shared automatically, becoming instantly accessible and actionable for the entire team.

When the evaluation period is finished, the consistent data lets you analyze and benchmark release performance so you can make more informed decisions on whether the release was successful or needs another iteration.

We’re hosting a webinar this Friday to show you exactly how it works or you can check out our new website to learn more.

We’re excited about the impact this can have making sure product and engineering teams are focusing on the right features.

Happy shipping!