Introducing qualitative feedback

Our mission is to empower product teams to deliver impactful features that delight and retain customers. Today, we’ve added a major addition to our service that brings us closer to our mission:

Introducing in-app qualitative feedback!

Bucket already provides product teams with turn-key engagement metrics for the features they ship. We instantly answer common questions, like “Who adopted the feature?”, “Who’s retained?”, “Churned?”, “How do these metrics look for our enterprise customers?”.

Today, we’re adding the ability to also collect in-app customer feedback, so you can complete the feedback loop. By combining quantitative analytics with qualitative feedback you’ll be getting the full picture - in one place - so you can quickly determine customer satisfaction of any feature.

Collecting in-app feedback

Whenever you release a significant feature update, use in-app feedback to provide your customers with an easy way to let you know what they think of it.

Here’s an example of what that could look like:

Once submitted, the feedback gets shared on Slack. As you can tell, the feedback is already associated with the “Account revenue chart” feature on Bucket.

On the “Account revenue chart” feature page on Bucket, you’ll now see a Feedback tab where all the feedback about this particular feature is listed:

Having feature engagement metrics and feedback on one place is powerful for several reasons:

Firstly, it provides you and your product team with a single pane of glass for your features, which enables you to get an overview of customer engagement and satisfaction, and act on it fast.

Secondly, Bucket augments the customer feedback with the customer’s actual feature engagement, like frequency of use, what other features they’re using, how many users they have, and so on. The engagement data helps you understand if the feedback is coming from a new account that is trying the feature for the first time - or from a long-time enterprise customer that has been using it for a while.

Having that context enriches the feedback so you can understand where it’s coming from and prioritize accordingly.

Getting started

Feedback is now built-in to the Bucket SDK and supported by our HTTP API. To enable your customers to provide feedback, go to Bucket and track a new feature or find an existing one. You’ll need the “featureId” from the new Feedback tab. Then, create a custom, re-usable form that gathers feature satisfaction score (CSAT) and a comment, and send the data to Bucket via the SDK or API.

Here’s an example of how to use the Bucket SDK:

That’s it!

Now you can easily add in-app feedback collection to any new feature release.

By the way, if you gather feedback via email or calls, you can enter it manually on the Feedback tab.

More updates on this topic soon! ;)