Introducing feature onboarding funnel

The Bucket feature report has four feature adoption states. All of your companies are placed in one of these states based on their usage of the respective feature:

Companies enter the “Tried it”-state as soon as they’ve interacted with the feature at least once.

For some features, though, interacting with that feature might require some prior actions to be completed first. We refer to this as the feature onboarding funnel.

For example, let’s say your product has a Slack integration and you want to track how many companies share reports to Slack from your product. The event to track this might be called “Send to Slack”.

However, before being able to send reports to Slack, your companies must first set up the Slack integration. They need to authenticate with Slack and then choose a channel. In this case, the feature’s onboarding funnel looks like this:

For companies to reach “Tried it”-state, they have to get through the funnel at least once.

From Never to Tried it

For features with onboarding steps, you specifically want to answer this question:

Are the companies in Never not interested in this feature or are they getting stuck trying to use it?

The feature onboarding funnel is designed to help you answer this question.

Let’s combine the adoption states with the onboarding funnel to get a good overview:

Looking at this, it’s quite clear that a lot of companies are trying to use the “Send to Slack” feature, but the vast majority fails to progress from the “Choose channel” step. Of the 455 companies that enter the funnel, only 135 manage to get through it!  

(Fun fact: We discovered this very problem ourselves at Bucket as we had forgotten to support pagination when fetching the Slack channels. Oops!)

Available today

The onboarding funnel is available today and is now a default part of the feature report. Here’s what it looks like in action:

For features with onboarding steps, simply click “+” to add those steps to the funnel and learn what the drop-off rates are between steps. Each step has to be a distinct event.

The onboarding funnel doesn’t affect how the Tried it or Using it is calculated – it’s simply a secondary insight into what happens between Never and Tried it. To learn more about how the funnel works exactly, check out this help article.

Happy shipping!