Introducing delta movements

We’ve just shipped a really useful addition to our feature report’s main chart. Until today, the Using it-chart showed the percentage of companies that are actively using a given feature, per week.

Now, the chart also includes the delta movements in and out of the Using it-state, in absolute numbers. In other words, the chart now shows how many companies, per week, that start using the feature and how many companies that stop using the feature.

Consider this chart. It shows percentage of companies that are actively using a feature:

On the surface it looks like a slow but nice progression in usage, up from 25% to 50%. Nice, right? Not really! It turns out, this feature has a big churn issue, which is keeping it from growing much faster.

Overlaying delta movements

Now consider this chart: It shows the same percentage, but now includes the weekly delta movements (right y-axis):

The light purple and light red bars indicate the amount of companies either starting or stopping use of this feature, per week. You ideally want many new users and only a few of them churning over time. In this updated chart, however, it's very clear that even though the percentage of active companies is trending upwards, there’s a large number of companies that churn every week. Yikes!

The good thing is that Bucket also shows you who the churned companies are, so you can investigate further and perhaps even reach out to some of them to learn why they churned - and how you can improve your feature in the next iteration.

To keep track of your features, get the Bucket feature report, including delta movements, on Slack every week, so you know, if your feature’s health is good or not — without breaking a sweat.

To learn more about how this works under the hood, check out our product handbook article.

Happy shipping!