Introducing behavioral segments

We’ve added Behavioral Segments to Bucket. Now, you can filter companies and create segments based on feature usage. 

You can create company-based segments by STARS state, usage frequency, customer satisfaction, event counts, and first or last usage date. You can combine them with company attribute filters to become even more granular and powerful.

This addition makes identifying power users and upsell opportunities, amongst many other use cases, simple. Since you’re working with easily understandable STARS states instead of messy event counts, you can:

  • Identify power customers by filtering for companies that are frequent users of your key features.
  • Find upsell opportunities by finding companies that have not yet started using valuable features.
  • See which sub-features are popular in the context of companies that use their parent feature.
  • Filter companies by usage frequency to see adopters that aren't using a feature often to understand feature stickiness.
  • Filter companies by satisfaction ratings to, for example, find enterprise customers that have left a dissatisfied score on a key feature.

They also let you roll out feature flags to the most relevant companies. 

For example, you’re about to roll out a feature flag called “Huddle Polls” and want your initial beta segment to contain only “Huddle” power users. These filters allow you to create a segment with companies in the Retained STARS stage who use “Huddle” daily. 

Happy shipping!