Feature tracking health

Dashboards always come with a trust issue: Can you trust the metrics? Is the tracking still working?

To address this issue, the Bucket feature report now includes tracking health indicators to help ensure that the data is still coming through and that the report is based on the most recent data.

For event-based features, you’ll now see the following indicators in the sidebar. You’ll see when the event (including any attributes) was first and last seen. You’ll also see a count for the past 7 days.

If there are any events that aren't associated with a company, you’ll see the red-colored warning (screenshot to the right) since those events aren’t included in the metrics until they get associated. You can learn more about associating user events with companies in this help article.

For attribute-based features, you’ll see when there was first a match on the feature’s adoption criteria for any company. You’ll also see when there was last a change to or from the feature’s adoption criteria by any company.

Happy shipping!