Feature frequency score

When you track an event-based feature on Bucket, you want to know how often your users interact with the feature. The Bucket frequency score tells you exactly that.

Score, not count

Many tools let you see how many times users have interacted with a certain event (feature). This provides you with some insight - none, few or many times - but what does that actually mean?

Are they still using the feature? If so, how often? When did they stop?

To illustrate the above, users of these two companies have interacted with the same feature 100 times, but they have very different underlying usage patterns:

Company A used the feature consecutively for a period and then churned. Company B on the other hand has recently started using the feature a lot.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly

To  transform count into something more useful and actionable, Bucket calculates a frequency score out of the box. We look at recent usage data, per company, and transform the result into an understandable and informative frequency score. The score results can be one of the following:

  • (Never)
  • (Tried it)
  • Daily usage
  • Weekly usage
  • Monthly usage
  • Quarterly usage
  • (Stopped)

Here’s what that looks like when looking at feature usage on aggregate for all companies (average):

Each company has a frequency score, so you can sort them by frequency score:

You can also dive into the raw data, per company, to better understand the frequency score or to keep track of key feature usage over time:

How is the frequency score calculated?

The frequency score is primarily based on how many feature interactions a company has performed in a recent time period. Each score option has a dedicated time period. For “Daily” it’s past 2 weeks, for “Weekly” it’s past 4 weeks and for “Monthly” it’s past 12 weeks.

When calculating the score, we look each time period sequentially. The first period where the company has interacted with the feature more than 60% of the time, is the score the company gets.

For example, if a company has used the feature more than 60% of the time in the past 2 weeks - meaning equal or greater than 8 days out of 14 - the company gets scored as “Daily”.

Using individual time periods per score option means that companies will quite quickly jump from e.g. “Monthly” to “Daily” - or vice versa - when usage spikes or tanks, which is great for getting notified quickly about rapid usage changes in key accounts.

The frequency score is calculated for all companies in the “Using it” state, meaning all companies that are actively using the feature.

To learn more about how this all works in detail, with concrete examples, please read our help article.

More updates soon.