Feature and attribute columns in segments

Segments allow you to group companies by login activity and custom attributes. This is useful for making a segment of monthly active companies or paying customers, for example.

However, when browsing a segment, it isn’t possible to add columns that also show feature engagement or satisfaction.

For example, let’s say you have an “Business” segment and three key features in your product. Understanding how many Business companies have adopted all three key features, how often they use them and how satisfied they are with them would take a ton of manual work.

…Until now! With our latest update, Bucket enables you to create such a list with just a few clicks.

Introducing feature columns

Bucket automatically computes various key insights for each feature in your product. With this latest update, you can now add columns to your company segments that show any of the following feature insights:

  • STARS state (Never, Tried, Retained or Churned)
  • Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly)
  • Satisfaction (CSAT score)
  • Total events count
  • First used timestamp
  • Last used timestamp

See it in action

Jumping back to our previous example: If you want to view STARS engagement, Satisfaction and Frequency for each of the three key features for your Enterprise customers, here’s how to do it in just one minute:

Two-stage release

This is the first of two major releases for feature columns. In this first release, we’ve enabled feature columns in segments.

In the next release, we’ll also allow you to filter by features on segments, just like you already do with attributes. For example, this enables you to create an “Activated” segment consisting of companies that have logged in recently and actively use your key features.

Stay tuned!

We’ve also added attribute columns

By the way, it’s also now possible to display any company attribute as a column. When hitting the cog wheel, you’ll now get the option to choose a feature or a custom attribute.

By the way, did you know that Bucket can also track feature usage based on attributes?

More updates soon!