Design and layout upgrade

We’ve given our UI a facelift and improved the layout. Most changes are subtle, but they add up and give a much more polished look and feel, and a more scalable interface.

Here’s three highlights:

App layout

Bucket is quickly getting increasingly powerful and configurable, which means we need to up the information density in the UI. We’ve therefore swapped the card-based layout for a flexible full-width layout that gives us more UI real estate. Furthermore, Bucket has a lot of tabular views with large datasets. When exploring multiple rows and columns, like in spreadsheets, you want as much space as possible, especially in the width. We liked the cards, but this change will enable us to grow and match our roadmap much better.

Adoption criteria

The sidebar holds a bunch of necessary feature information, but it’s all information that you only need to read once. For example, the new “Adoption criteria” section. The purpose of this section is to make it clear what data the feature report is based on. For both event- and attribute-based features, you’ll now see either event name or attribute expression in the top right, so you can instantly understand where the data is coming from and trust the feature report metrics.

Navigation polish

While the three main sections (Features, Companies, and Tracking) haven't changed, the nav links now have a better feel to it as the icon changes subtly on active state. The Bucket logo has also gotten a makeover (now rocking our purple brand color) and we've moved the app switcher down to the bottom of the screen and combined it with the user profile card.

More updates soon!