Configure and customize table columns

We’ve just shipped an improvement that allows you to add, remove and reorder table columns across the Bucket app. We have also added more metrics to the feature view table.

See it in action

To start customizing the table view, click on the ⚙️ icon on the right. You can now:

  • Show or hide selected metrics simply by toggling the checkmark
  • Re-order the table columns via drag-and-drop
  • Use “Reset” to revert to the default table view

This improvement works across the whole Bucket app – everywhere where data is presented in a table format. But it really shines in the feature view table:

We added more metrics for the feature view table, so you can create custom layouts.

How can I use this?

For example, you can now add the “Tried” and “Adopted” metric to the feature table view, then sort the table by release date and get a quick overview of how your recently launched features are performing.

In this example, the "Tried" and "Adopted" metrics are shown. The "Released" metric helps to sort your features by release date and with the "Live Satisfaction" metric you can quickly see what features have automatic feedback collection enabled.

More Use Cases

  • By selecting specific subsegments and adding the STARS metrics to the feature view table, you can visualize the STARS funnel for all your features for specific segments.
  • Go into focus mode by only showing specific metrics in the feature table view, for example during different stages of a product release cycle.
  • Show the feedback count and Satisfaction rate to quickly gauge what features are receiving feedback and how satisfied your users are with it.
  • Add the “Live Satisfaction” and “Slack Reports” columns to see which features have them enabled.
  • Save specific table layouts or make them accessible for other team members by sharing the custom URL with them.

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Robert H., Product Owner @ Billetto

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