Custom feature adoption criteria

One of the most powerful features on Bucket, is the pre-defined adoption states. Out of the box, Bucket buckets (see what we did there?) companies into the following states based on their historic feature usage pattern:

Until today, those state definitions were hard-coded. We believe great products have good defaults and rich configuration. So, from today, it’s now possible to configure the feature adoption KPIs  to suit the nature of the feature you’re tracking.

For example, for some features, companies should be marked as actively using it after just one interaction. For other features, 10 interactions is a better threshold.

On the other end of the spectrum, for some features, churn is when a company hasn’t interacted with the feature in 4 weeks. For other features, 1-2 weeks is more suitable

How it works

When you track a new feature on Bucket, you’ll instantly get the Bucket feature report. To then fine-tune the state definitions, simply click the pencil-icon next to the relevant state.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

More updates next week!