Analyzing feature usage and satisfaction at the company-level

We’ve just shipped an update to the company view that enables you to view feature engagement and satisfaction through the lens of a single company account.

In the screenshot, we’re looking at the “Feature usage”-tab for the “Prodash” company.

For each tracked feature, we can see where the company is in the STARS funnel, if they’ve provided any qualitative feedback to the respective feature, when they used it last, and what their feature activity looks like over the past 30 days.

We’ve also added tabs to this view so that you can browse feature usage (screenshot), all feedback and satisfaction scores provided by the customer, users in the account, and all attributes for the company.

The view unlocks a bunch of possibilities, like ensuring that key accounts are aware of, and using, most key features, upsell opportunities and for checking in on new feature adoption and satisfaction by certain accounts.

More updates soon!