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Introducing Focus Mode

Focus Mode enables product teams to keep an eye on the features that need attention the most - often newly released features - by pinning those in the UI and reporting their metrics to Slack, every Monday.

Support for event attribute filtering on funnel steps

If your feature has an onboarding funnel, you can now filter on event attributes when creating funnel steps.

Sort by when companies used a feature

You can now sort companies by when they first or last used a feature. When shipping a new feature, this view enables you to easily track its new adopters.

Performance boost for larger accounts

We’ve spent the past weeks making significant improvements to load times in Bucket. The application was getting pretty slow for accounts with a large number of end-users (~20K+) that also tracked a large number of features.

Selecting events by attributes

When creating a feature in Bucket it is now possible to specify that only events with attributes which fulfill certain criteria be included in the feature report. This makes it even easier to start tracking advanced features in Bucket!

Onboarding funnels for attribute-based features

This week we extended the functionality we shipped last week - feature onboarding funnels - to work for features that track feature-usage using attributes.

Introducing feature onboarding funnel

The Bucket feature report has four feature adoption states. All of your companies are placed in one of these states based on their usage of the respective feature.

Feature frequency score

When you track an event-based feature on Bucket, you want to know how often your users interact with the feature. The Bucket frequency score tells you exactly that.

Design and layout upgrade

We’ve given our UI a facelift and improved the layout. Most changes are subtle, but they add up and give a much more polished look and feel, and a more scalable interface.

Introducing attribute-based feature tracking

It’s common to track company-level features using attributes. For example, at Bucket, we’re tracking if customers use our weekly reporting feature. We do this by passing an attribute called "weekly_reporting" via Segment’s "group" call.