Bucket data is now hosted in the EU

Map of Europe
We’re excited to announce that we have migrated all our servers to locations within the European Union (EU), taking our commitment to privacy and security even further.

Adding frequency-based strategy capabilities to the STARS configuration

Bucket frequency-based interface that allows users to track the frequency of interactions for the Adopted criteria.
We’ve just made the STARS configuration more customizable by adding frequency-based strategy capabilities. This lets you factor in the frequency of interactions for the Adopted criteria.

Feature and attribute columns in segments

Segments allow you to group companies by login activity and custom attributes. This is useful for making a segment of monthly active companies or paying customers, for example. However, when browsing a segment, it isn’t possible to add columns that also show feature engagement or satisfaction. Until now!

Surfacing churned companies better

Bucket is built on the STARS framework and gives you a STARS funnel out of the box, for any feature. Provided with a single event, the STARS funnel shows you how far your customers have reached in the “feature success funnel” for a feature.

Automatic data export for custom analysis

With the automatic data export to S3 you can now seamlessly enrich your data with Bucket’s data to unlock insights and enable collaboration across teams.

Easily track response rates for Live Satisfaction

With the new statistics in the Feedback tab you can get a quick visual overview over the performance of your feedback collection over the past 7 days.

Configure and customize table columns

You can now add, remove and reorder table columns across the Bucket app.

Introducing Live Satisfaction

Harness the power of qualitative feedback right from within Bucket.

Introducing Subsegmentation

We've rolled out Subsegmentation to enable comparisons of feature adoption, retention, and satisfaction across different customer segments.

Introducing Data Export

We’ve added the option to export your Bucket data as a CSV file.