Changelog: Feature frequency score

When you track an event-based feature on Bucket, you want to know how often your users interact with the feature. The Bucket frequency score tells you exactly that.

Design and layout upgrade

We’ve given our UI a facelift and improved the layout. Most changes are subtle, but they add up and give a much more polished look and feel, and a more scalable interface.

Introducing attribute-based feature tracking

It’s common to track company-level features using attributes. For example, at Bucket, we’re tracking if customers use our weekly reporting feature. We do this by passing an attribute called "weekly_reporting" via Segment’s "group" call.

Changelog: Typeahead search in dropdowns

We’ve added typeahead search to the various dropdowns in the Bucket UI. It’s now much faster to find the event you’re looking for when tracking a new feature.

Changelog: Toggle “Stopped”-metrics in your feature report

This week, we’re adding to last week’s release, which focused on making the feature adoption criteria configurable. Today, we’ve added another configuration, which allows you to toggle the “Stopped”-metrics on or off in your report.

Changelog: Custom feature adoption criteria

One of the most powerful features on Bucket, is the pre-defined adoption states. Out of the box, Bucket buckets (see what we did there?) companies into the following states based on their historic feature usage pattern. Until today, those state definitions were hard-coded.

Changelog: Partial data marker and new daily Slack report

Our charts now show a partial data marker when looking at the current week’s incomplete data set, and we've added a daily digest to our Slack integration that lets you track new feature adoption.

Changelog: Introducing delta movements

When looking at adoption of a feature, you might wonder: Is this feature not growing in usage because no new users are trying it or because existing users churn away? Or both? With delta movements, now you know!