Automated feature evaluation workflow

Deploying is just the beginning. Bucket is the missing link between feature deployment and customer satisfaction.

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How it works

Plan your feature

Create features on Bucket early and define a tracking plan for the feature.

Easily hand-over the tracking plan to engineering with our Linear integration.

Once the tracking data is live, Bucket will detect it and automatically move the feature to Evaluating.
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Product UI mockupProduct UI mockup


Receive a weekly digest on Slack and real-time notifications whenever customer feedback is submitted.

Track feature engagement and customer satisfaction and make a decision when the evaluation period is over:

Done for now or start a new iteration?
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Done evaluating!

The feature looks healthy and you’re moving on to bigger fires. Bucket will still track the feature engagement but will stop sending Slack notifications.

Ship features with confidence with the feature evaluation workflow. Rinse and repeat for the next feature.
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Launch features with confidence.
Get feature insights instantly.

Delight and retain customers by repeatedly shipping impactful features with Bucket’s all-in-one solution for product teams.

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