Audit features for better roadmap planning

Use the audit matrix to visually compare feature usage over time and between your customer segments.

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Compare key feature usage

Instead of wondering “Is 80% adoption good?” or trying to come up with the right goal threshold, simply chart out and compare your key features to spot any outliers. So you can detect feature fires to put out – and feature successes to double down on.
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Trending now: Your features

Use trendlines to visually track feature releases across multiple dimensions, like adoption, frequency, retention or satisfaction. Or apply a subsegment and use the audit matrix to spot trends across different customer cohorts and track how they adopt features over time.
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Slice & segment as you see fit

Configure the audit matrix to identify trends at every STARS step and across multiple dimensions, from adoption rate to satisfaction score and frequency of use.

By selecting one or multiple of your customer segments, you can further focus on customers from specific pricing plans or regions.
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Dive deeper with Subsegmentation

How is the new feature performing? Are customers in the US adopting the feature? How satisfied are my Japanese customers on the business pricing plan?

Subsegmentation adds another layer to your feature audit and enables you to understand feature engagement for specific company segments, for example customers from a specific pricing plan or from a specific place in the world.
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A screenshot visually comparing feature performance for different customer segments in the Audit Matrix

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