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Introducing customer-centric feature management

Bucket is a better way to release features

Feature flagging with built-in customer evaluation for B2B product teams. Roll out features and get instant feedback and adoption metrics.

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Feature evaluation should be automated

Features aren't Done when they're deployed. They're done when customers use and love them. Bucket is adding and automating the missing evaluation step.
Feature flagging

Feature flags with unlimited seats, built for B2B

Powerful targeting rules work on the company level right out of the box. Simple SDKs make it easy to get started.

Feature evaluation

Rapid customer feedback on
product updates, automatically

Collect feature engagement metrics and qualitative feedback for every feature as soon as you release instead of waiting lagging indicators. Ready to use right out of the box.

STARS framework

Consistent funnel to measures quantitative feature engagement and qualitative satisfaction metrics.

Live Satisfaction

No-code in-app surveys get feature feedback after a meaningful number of interactions.

Feature iteration

Continuous evaluation and iteration workflow

Set goals to start the automated evaluation and iteration workflow. Keep track of progress without ever leaving Slack.

Built for B2B product teams

Automated company grouping
Auto-aggregation at the company level, not the user level
Company targeting rules
Targeting rules for companies not users, right out of the box
Features, not events
Group events into feature objects instead of using raw event counts

Unlimited seats 
on every plan

Group analytics included

Save 5 hours on evaluation per release

“The way Bucket is enabling consistent and automated evaluation is a boon for modern product teams.”

Justin Gallagher


“Getting the relevant feature data to chase you, and not the other way around, is changing how we evaluate features, effortlessly. This is where Bucket gets it right.”

Paul Dariye


“Bucket is building an easy way to create feature ownership, shared language, and transparency in your product team.”

Andreas Klinger


“With Bucket’s feature evaluation, everyone on the product team optimizes for customer impact, consistently.”

Niels Tindbæk


Secure and compliant with no PII required

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