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Feature Launch,

This is Mission Control

Bucket empowers product teams with a repeatable approach to shipping features that customers crave.
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Deploying is just
the beginning

Features aren’t Done when they’re deployed, but when your customers use them. Use Bucket to focus on features post-deployment and ship outcome over output.

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Automated feature evaluation

Focus on building great features, not dashboards and reporting.
Review and iterate on any feature until it’s successful
— without ever leaving Slack.
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Launch features
with confidence

Shipping new features feels great, but are your customers using them?
Dig behind the metrics and keep track of feature engagement at the account-level.
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Don’t rely on event counts for engagement.

Bucket tracks adoption states so you can accurately track when companies go from active users to churned users.
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1-click feature tracking

Bucket’s feature report is turn-key. Pick an event or attribute and we take care of the rest. Get a feature engagement report in seconds.
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Built for teams

Bucket is designed for large organizations with multiple product teams. Use Views to organize and group features.
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Made for B2B SaaS

Bucket is built for B2B SaaS. The company account is a first-class citizen on Bucket as that’s the entity you need to delight and retain.

Privacy Friendly

Bucket works just fine without any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) as the company accounts are the main focus in B2B and on Bucket.

Segment Integration

Use our Segment integration to get started in seconds. If you don’t use Segment, we also have a JavaScript SDK and HTTP API.

Review and iterate with Focus

You can’t focus on all features at the same time. Use Focus Mode to get weekly reports on key features and focus on them until they’re successful.
Focus Mode
“The way Bucket is enabling consistent and automated evaluation is a boon for modern product teams”
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Justin Gallagher
Head of Product
“With Bucket’s feature evaluation, everyone on the product team optimizes for customer impact, consistently”
Photo of Niels Tindbæk
Niels Tindbæk
Head of Product
“Bucket is building an easy way to create feature ownership, shared language, and transparency in your product team”
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Andreas Klinger
“Getting the relevant feature data to chase you, and not the other way around, is changing how we evaluate features, effortlessly. This is where Bucket gets it right”
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Paul Dariye

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