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Announcing Bucket 2.0 and $2m pre-seed round

Ship Successful Features

Use Bucket’s automated feature reporting to measure and iterate on any feature until it’s successful.
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Deploying is Just the Beginning

Who owns features, post-deployment? Are your features successful with its target customers? Feature evaluation is the missing step of the feature workflow.
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Automated Feature Evaluation

Track feature-level customer engagement with Bucket. Automated feature reporting enables you to measure and iterate on any feature - big and small - until it’s successful, without ever leaving Slack.

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Send events to Bucket as a one-click installation on Segment or use our JS SDK. Bucket is privacy friendly and collects zero PII on default.
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Feature engagement reporting

The Bucket Feature Report is consistent and streamlined, making it simple to track and measure the success of any feature.

Get the report where you are

Keep an eye on feature engagement by receiving the feature report where you and your team already are, e.g. a feature channel in Slack.

Evaluate, iterate, feature success!

Few features are successful right out of the gate. Measure and iterate until your feature sticks with its target customers.
"The way Bucket is enabling consistent and automated evaluation is a boon for modern product teams"
Justin Gallagher, Head of Product,
“With Bucket’s feature evaluation, everyone on the product team optimizes for customer impact, consistently.”
Niels Tindbæk, Product,
“Bucket is building an easy way to create feature ownership, shared language, and transparency in your product team.”
Andreas Klinger, CTO,

Ship Successful Features with Bucket

Bucket empowers product teams with a repeatable approach to shipping features that customers crave.
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