Introducing Live Satisfaction
A no-code approach to collect feature-level user feedback
Announcing $5.7m seed round

Say goodbye to
the feature factory

Deploying is just the beginning. Meet the 
new approach to evaluating product releases.

Built for product Teams in B2B SaaS.

Backed by world-class product and engineering leaders

Deploying is just the beginning

Software feature project management interface
Features aren’t Done when they’re deployed, they’re Done when customers use them.
Take features to Done with Bucket.
We’re spending hundreds of thousands on R&D each year. With Bucket, we’re empowering our product teams to stay close with our customers and ship features that matter to them.

Nicolai Dahl, CPO

Say hello to a new approach to feature evaluation

Spend your time improving the product, not gathering data and feedback. Bucket gives you the dashboard and workflow to iterate fast.

Works with Product Analytics

Designed for SaaS

Bucket is built for B2B SaaS. All data is automatically grouped into the customer entity.

Easy integration

Easily send data to Bucket via our Segment integration, JavaScript SDK or HTTP API.

GDPR compliant

Bucket can work without any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and is fully GDPR compliant.

Data export

Work with your data in your own data warehouse, your CRM or good old-fashioned Excel

Save time and act faster on customer feedback with an evaluation framework

Spend your time delivering feature value, not building custom dashboards. Bucket is built on the STARS framework and enables you to make better product decisions, consistently.

Automated feature evaluation workflow

Deploying is just the beginning. Bucket is the missing link between feature deployment and customer satisfaction.

Deploy -> Evaluate -> Done.

Product UI mockup

Consistent evaluation with the STARS framework

The STARS funnel combines engagement metrics and customer feedback into a repeatable formula for evaluating feature satisfaction.

Product UI mockup

Designed for product teams

Bucket is treating the feature as a first-class citizen and empowering you to ship features that customers crave.

Product Managers

Act faster on customer feedback and consistently ship features that delight and retain customers.


Provide product teams with feature engagement metrics and qualitative feedback in a repeatable framework.


Audit impact of feature launches over time and increase impact and productivity of your product teams.


Free up resources by deprecating low-impact code paths. Plan and allocate resources based on actual customer feedback.

"The way Bucket is enabling consistent and automated evaluation is a boon for modern product teams”
Justin Gallagher
Head of Product @ Trello
“Getting the relevant feature data to chase you, and not the other way around, is changing how we evaluate features, effortlessly. This is where Bucket gets it right”
Paul Dariye
Engineer @ Pleo
“With Bucket’s feature evaluation, everyone on the product team optimizes for customer impact, consistently”
Niels Tindbæk
Head of Product @ Segment
“Bucket enables our product teams to increase customer satisfaction and retention by acting faster on low feature engagement and customer dissatisfaction”
Robert H.
Product Owner @ Billetto
“Bucket is building an easy way to create feature ownership, shared language, and transparency in your product team”
Andreas Klinger
CTO @ On Deck
“Would recommend all product teams working in SaaS to use @bucketdotco to measure and iterate on their feature development!”
Joshua Karjala
CTO @ Founders

Launch features with confidence.
Get feature insights instantly.

Delight and retain customers by repeatedly shipping impactful features with Bucket’s all-in-one solution for product teams.

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